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What is cellulite? PDF Print E-mail
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Read more...CELLULITE

A condition that may appear due to genetic factors which maybe worsened by sitting or standing for long periods, by incorrect diet, cigarette smoking and stress. These factors undermine and damage first the microcirculation and then the volume between capillaries and cells (interstitial space). The result is a slower metabolism and is defined as EDEMATOUS CELLULITE.

When this situation becomes worse and the metabolism is reduced, local adiposity becomes visible and is defined as ADIPOSE CELLULITE the elimination of which is harder to achieve.

Electrolysis Advanced Cosmetic Procedures PDF Print E-mail
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Safe Removal of Unsightly Blemishes


We are committed to delivering the best beauty care available, as part of that commitment we are in partnership or employ a number of treatment specialists, who provide advanced cosmetic procedures. The therapists that perform these additional services are highly qualified and experienced in their individual fields. You can be confident that they meet our high standards of care and competence. Most of these advanced procedures require a consultation visit with the specialist concerned.

Suzanne Quinn DAE, is one of our specialist dermatological therapists, who provides a variety of treatments using electrolysis and other methods for the removal of skin growths and blemishes.

OPI Gelcolor Lacquer PDF Print E-mail
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Want to know the secret?

Read more...Strong, beautiful natural nails all-one-length can be difficult to grow and maintain. You use your hands for so many things each day, a day in the office or doing housework often leaves your nails damaged. The problem is we live in a fast-paced world, where everyone is  becoming busier and busier. Your busy schedule is a manicure's worst nightmare, as polish becomes dented or chipped easily and there's no time to fix it. What is a girl to do!?

shave the new system from Dermalogica PDF Print E-mail
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Read more...Introducing Dermalogica's 'shave' system

Finally – a better way to shave!

With all the shaving mediums available, are you still one of the 75% of men plagued by a bad daily shave? Nicks, cuts, razor burn and redness aren't normal consequences of placing razor to skin.

Meet Dermalogica Shave: the first system of products that delivers your greatest shave and your healthiest skin. Brought to you by the skin health experts, Dermalogica Shave can help you put bad shaves behind you.

Book your FREE shave mappingSM session today! We will conduct a personal assessment of you skins present condition. Then help you create a custom prescription using the shave range so that you achieve the best shaving regimen for your skin. The mappingSM session takes 20min you can book ahead at your local Options Beauty Salon.