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This is an image demonstrating the LaStone massageIn order to establish this new treatment method as a recognised salon treatment, Mary realised she needed a way to establish a recognisable brand. The brand would assure clients that they were receiving their treatments as originally proscribed by Mary. La Stone was established as the original Hot and Cold stone spa treatment. Clients soon realised that La Stone treatments were guaranteed, to deliver a truly beneficial and therapeutic treatment. This was archived through a highly respected, training program devised by Mary. The program ensured that any Salon, Spa or therapist offering treatments under the La Stone brand was qualified to deliver, the treatment to the standard and consistency expected by La Stones founder. The quality of the training and professional delivery of the treatments by the therapists graduating from the La Stone program, soon established a world wide reputation for excellence.

There are many other Hot stone treatments offered these days, in many salons and spa's around the world some of which are based on Japanese and Far Eastern techniques. Its worth baring in mind that when you book a La Stone treatment you're guaranteed to receive a treatment that meets La Stones exacting standards world wide! Therapists that graduate from the La Stone training program, have been educated in the correct use of hot and cold stones, in order to deliver genuine therapeutic treatments with real benefits.


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