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La Stone image of stones and massage oilsWhy does La Stone use Hot and Cold stones? Hot and Cold stones offer different therapeutic affects, the Hot basalt stones are used to relieve stress and tension while the cold marble stones, are suited to areas suffering from swelling and inflammation. The stones used by your La Stone therapist are specially selected for size, shape and texture. The various forms and size of stone allows your therapist to apply the correct amount of treasure and stimulation to each part of the body being treated. You will feel the benefit of increased circulation, tension relief in tight muscle groups and a reduction of pain in swollen areas. The La Stone treatment is ideal for clients looking for a relaxing treatment to reduce the affects of a hectic modern life style as well as those who are suffering from the affects of an injury or medical condition such as arthritic pain.

Here at Options Beauty Salon we have staff who have attended and graduated the La Stone education program. You can be sure that we will deliver your treatment to the standard expected by Mary Nelson. If you would like to benefit from a La Stone treatment, ask your therapist about the treatments we offer. Our therapists will provide you with a great stress relieving Hot and Cold stone massage treatment that will leave you feeling great. Why not book your La Stone treatment today?


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