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Dermalogica shave systemIntroducing Dermalogica's 'shave' system

Finally – a better way to shave!

With all the shaving mediums available, are you still one of the 75% of men plagued by a bad daily shave? Nicks, cuts, razor burn and redness aren't normal consequences of placing razor to skin.

Meet Dermalogica Shave: the first system of products that delivers your greatest shave and your healthiest skin. Brought to you by the skin health experts, Dermalogica Shave can help you put bad shaves behind you.

Book your FREE shave mappingSM session today! We will conduct a personal assessment of you skins present condition. Then help you create a custom prescription using the shave range so that you achieve the best shaving regimen for your skin. The mappingSM session takes 20min you can book ahead at your local Options Beauty Salon.


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