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How To Use The Product:The Dermalogica Shave product range

  1. Apply Daily Clean Scrub to dampen face and neck in a circular motion. Focus on areas of oiliness, dry patches and beared growth. Rinse well with warm water.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Pre-Shave Guard over beared growth. Do Not Rinse - Pre-Shave Guard enhances beared softening and increases skin protection.
  3. Apply Soothing Shave Cream over Pre-Shave Guard. Shave with the line of growth (grain), rinsing your blade often.
  4. Apply Post-Shave Balm to the shaved area of your face. Allow to absorb, then apply Daily Defense Block SPF15.
If you need any further advice on shave products or skin conditions please contact your nearest Options Beauty Salon.

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