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St Tropez Airport spray tan booth

St Tropez, Has become an icon in the world of UVA safe tanning. The St Tropez products and treatments have provided the highest quality safe tanning options for the home and professional marketplace for over ten years.

St Tropez, use aloe vera based products that soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin for a healthy, sun tanned glow. They have products to suit both hand applied and professional spray tanning applications.

We offer both the Classic hand applied tan and the Airport spray tan. We also sell the St Tropez home product range to help you maintain your salon tan at home, so that you get the most out of your treatment. St Tropez, are a company that are committed to safety and innovation of their products. They are world leaders in one of the fastest, growing segments of the beauty salon and spa industry.

People are always looking for ways to appear younger, thinner and healthier, a natural glow from a UVA free tan is a major part of staying younger looking for longer. By reducing your exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays your skin will stay looking younger longer. With the use of St Tropez products and treatments you won't need to expose yourself to the sun reducing its aging affects on your skin.

Our professional treatments and home products give you a rich, natural golden glow, quickly at affordable prices without the worries of premature aging or the increased risk of skin cancer.

St Tropez famouse promotional imageSt Tropez, is Europe's leading UVA free tanning brand, and has been the market leader for over a decade. They offer the experience and credibility to satisfying professionals and domestic consumers demands alike. You can be sure of exceptional quality and a safe beautiful streak free tanning experience, every time you chose St Tropez products and treatments. They also enjoy world wide recognition among celebrity users, in the USA and Europe as the number one choice for a natural looking tan. Even though the St Tropez brand position is in the luxury sector, it is still offered at affordable prices.

We use the state of the art spray booth from St Tropez which has extraction fans to eliminate particles from the air and rules out over-spray. We are able to offer you the ultimate spray tan in just 15 minutes within a safe, clean environment.

We also offer the St Tropez classic tan which is a more indulgent treatment that offers great results. The classic tan includes a professional full body exfoliation treatment prior to the application of the tanning lotion. After this treatment you will be left with an amazing streak free all over natural tan that will last between 7 to 10 day with the correct after care.

Which ever treatment method you chose it's important to follow the pre and post treatment recommendations, in order to get the most out of your tan. The pre and post care products produced by St Tropez are designed to ensure that your tan remains looking good, long after the initial treatment. Your therapist will give you pre and post treatment advice and recommend the best products for you to use at home to prolong the life of your tan. click here to view our FQA's

'Double Dipping' There is a trend for clients to opt for 'double dipping' which is a craze that started in Hollywood that intensifies the quality of your tan. Basically this involves a visit to your local Options Beauty Salon where our beauty therapist exfoliates your entire body with St Tropez Body Polisher then applies the St Tropez Original tan. You then visit your us again the next day where you will have a spray tan to deepen the first application. If you would like to know more about 'double dipping' click here.

'St Tropez Contouring' You can get a total body confidence experience with St Tropez’s new body contouring. Similar to double dipping, you visit your local Options Beauty Salon for the St Tropez Original application and then follow-up with a spray tan the next day for contouring. Contouring shades and defines different areas of the body for a slimming effect.

Key areas for contouring are the jaw line, cheeks, collar bone, breasts, shading around the waistline, arms, legs and buttocks. This will give the illusion of muscle definition and will leave areas more defined and appearing slimmer. Ask your therapist for more information.

click here to view our FQA's

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