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Dermalogica®Skin Care Centre:

Dermalogica® have been the pioneers in new skin care products. Their formulas have set new standards in product performance. Advanced research techniques plus the exclusive use of high quality components ensures class leading products across the entire range.

All Dermalogica® products are non-comedogenic as well as containing no occlusive mineral oils orDermalogica world class beauty treatments for great skin lanolin they do not include any irritants such as artificial colouring, fragrances formaldehyde or skin drying alcohols! Dermalogica® understand environmental sustainability issues and have ensured that all the ingredients are froeco-safe sources and packaged in recyclable containers.

With this in mind all our Skin Care Treatments utilise the Dermalogica®skin care product range exclusively ensuring you receive the optimum treatment for healthy skin conditioning!

All our therapists have been fully trained at the rnational Dermalogica Institute and have a thorough knowledge of the Dermalogica® range both for salon and home care treatment routines.

Options Beauty Salon staff all participate in on going self development programs ensuring they are up to date with current products and techniques across the range of products and services we offer our clients.

We believe that we can offer you the very best in beauty salon treatments. With good quality advice and support that you can apply at home as part of your daily routine allowing you to maintain a healthy skin condition all year round.