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What is a Brazilian or Hollywood? PDF Print E-mail
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We wont be talking world class football players or movie stars here, you have been warned!

With a professional Brazilian/Hollywood waxing you will be left with a natural looking central strip of hair. We use a pre-wax solution to cleanse the area and prepare your skin. Wax is applied and removed using waxing strips in the same way as a normal bikini wax treatment.

We then use Australian Body Care Tea tree after wax products, which will have a cooling and soothing effect on the area that has been waxed..

What's a Brazilian bikini wax all about?

A Brazilian is not so much about the "strip" left in front but more about the complete removal hair from everywhere else. Brazilian/Hollywood waxing is not for the modest or faint hearted as it does leave you a little exposed, you can rest assured that we are experienced in this treatment and you will be in safe hands.

What's a Hollywood bikini wax all about?

The Hollywood is much the same as the Brazilian, the difference is traditionally a Hollywood involves the removal of all the hair, from the pubic region.

Is it very embarrassing?

Some people will feel a little uncomfortable stripping down to nothing in front of a stranger. Like most people you may feel slightly awkward in this situation the first time you have the treatment. Here is what you can expect...

  • You are in the hands of a professional.
  • It is a professional treatment in a professional environment (a bit like a doctors surgery).
  • You wont be the hairiest person we have ever seen.
  • Your bum is not the biggest we have seen either.
  • Nobody will be judging you.
  • Your qualified therapist will remove all unwanted hair as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • As for the question of pain, people have different pain thresholds only you know yours. Ask your therapist for some pre-care advice.
  • There is no getting away from it there will be some discomfort as with any waxing treatment it is however short lived.
  • On the upside you wont be suffering from any razor burn, itching or ingrown hairs.
  • You will be left with really soft smooth skin which is what the Brazilian/Hollywood is all about!

Aftercare advice

  • Don't take a hot bath or showers within 24 hours
  • Don't use a sunbed or expos yourself to the sun for at least 24 hours
  • Loose clothing after treatment is recommended but not essential

Well now you know whats in store, should you chose to give it a go your therapist will be happy to advise you further.