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La Stone Massage is a rediscovered massage technique...

It involves the use of hot and cold stones combined with massage therapy.

Hot and cold stones, black and white, shaped marble and sleek basalt are the key ingredients of this body therapy. The age old art of hot and cold stones massage has seen a massive revival in recent years. Heated stones for healing is an ancient process, the La Stone method of application and techniques has allowed, this ancient therapy to be integrating it into our modern standard massage therapies.

"This system is not to be confused with other hot stone massages this is the original and the best."
An image showing the La Stone massage treatment

La Stone therapy combines the use of hot basalt and cold marble stones in therapeutic massage to bring about a deep sense of relaxation, leaving you in a calm meditative state. By careful application of the hot and cold stones your therapist can manipulate your muscles beyond that which can be achieved with normal hands massage techniques alone. The use of the hot and cold stone placement can help stimulate blood flow and relieve deep muscle tension.

This amazing therapeutic treatment is carried out by our 'Simply Stones' qualified therapists and is available on its own or incorporated into some of our other treatments. Please ask your therapist or reception for more details.