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Specialist Treatments Explained...

Options Beauty Salon offer:

Specialist Removal of...
Thread Veins, Moles, Skin Tags, Naevus and Blood Spots.
By Suzanne Quinn D.A.E

Suzanne has put together a selection of common questions she gets asked by clients, to help explain this specialist service.

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Q. How are these blemishes treated?

A. A very fine needle (the size of an eyelash) is used. It discharges a heat producing current. The nourishment to the blemish is stopped, causing the blemish to 'dry up' and disappear.

Q. Will the treatment hurt?

A. You will experience a slight stinging sensation during the procedure, this sensation stops immediately after the blemish has been treated.

Q. Is it OK to use the counter topical anaesthetic cream?

A. Yes. The Topical anaesthetic creams are now available at many pharmacies and should be applied at least One Hour before treatment and left on the blemish.

Q. Will there be any scarring?

A. No. As long as the easy to follow aftercare advice is followed you should see no scarring from your treatment.

Q. Is it permanent?

A. Yes. The same blemish will not return. This treatment doesn't however prevent new blemishes from forming post treatment.

Q. Will I need more than one treatment?

A. Some blemishes like thread veins may need more than one treatment this can be discussed during your consultation.

Q. Are consultations free?

A. Yes. Suzanne will be happy to discuss any requirements you have during a free 15 min consultation. (please call receptions to book your consultation).

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Prices start from £50.00 prices do vary depending on the blemish and the time taken for the treatment. The cost can be given more accurately during your free consultation.

If you have a question about this service please contact us and Suzanne will be able to answer you. If you're a member of our website you may enter your question in the add comment box below, your user name will be displayed when you use the comments option.

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Please note that this isn't a walk-in service you will need to book your appointment or free consultation via your local Options Beauty salon reception. Suzanne carries out treatments at either of our salons.