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Thursday, 07 October 2010 18:49

Time Out Feels Great

Are you feeling rushed and pressured due to a hectic schedule? Most of us are feeling the strain either at work or as a busy mum. When you finally get a quiet moment to contemplate the weeks events, are you left feeling like you need a little time to yourself, to relax and recharge your inner energy?

Maintaining a healthy balance seems to be a challenge for most of us these days. Which is why some times we need to step back for a moment, and attend to ourselves and our own needs. Eating and drinking healthily provides one aspect of a balanced life style, it's probably the area most of us concentrate our energies. How often do you attend to your inner calm, which is a vital element of a balanced life style. A little self indulgence with a therapeutic treatment will help restore vital energy, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

Unlike a quick manicure or eyebrow shape, these treatments take a little more time. Which means you can totally relax and immerse yourself in a feeling of well being. The build up to a busy Christmas season will soon be upon us...making now the ideal time to recharge our batteries. Which is why we are offering reductions on our relaxation treatments, to give you the extra incentive to treat yourself and reap the benefits.

facial therapy

The Skin Care Treatment

45 minute customised skin care treatment giving targeted results. An ideal regular facial treatment for maintaining healthy skin or as a 6 week course to target a specific skin care concern.

45min £35.00
October Price £30.00

The WOW Skin Care Treatment

Customised skin care treatment as above that also includes a wonderful facial massage.

1 hour £40.00
October Price £35.00

The Insanely Great Skin Care Treatment

Join us for 2 hours of skin care bliss. Incorporating La Stone therapy, massage therapy and the latest in Dermalogica skin care techniques leaving you and your skin feeling really great.

2 hour £70.00
October Price £65.00

Please note the La Stone therapy is exclusive to Edenbridge. West Wickham clients will receive an exfoliating back treatment instead.

Time Out Feel Good Special Offer

Receive a £5.00 discount on facial treatments listed above throughout October. "don't just feel good feel great!"

dermalogicas deep thermal therapy with thermal stamp full body treatment

Deep thermal therapy with thermal stamp full body treatment

Warm poultices filled with beneficial detoxifying and stress relieving ingredients are worked over the body in combination with deep tissue massage techniques bringing about an over all feeling of well being.

90min £90.00
October Price £65.00

Time Out Feel Good Special Offer

Receive a £25.00 discount on this deep tissue massage treatment
throughout October. "revitalise and de stress!"



We use specific blended oils to energise or relax you depending on your mood and requirements. Massage helps relive your tired, fatigued muscles while bringing about a balanced sense of wellbeing and calm. If you're suffering from tension or stress a massage will help relieve the daily pressure of a modern hectic lifestyle. Why not treat yourself today?

Full Body Massage £40.00
October Price £35.00

Time Out Feel Good Special Offer

Receive a £5.00 discount on our regular full body massage throughout October. "loosen up and unwind"

La Stone experience the luxury of this hot and cold stone massage

La Stone Massage

Not to be confused with other hot stone massages this is the original and the best.

La Stone therapy combines the use of hot basalt and cold marble stones in therapy massage to bring about a deep sense of relaxation and leaving you in a calm meditative state.

This amazing therapeutic treatment is carried out by our 'Simply Stones' qualified therapists and is available on its own or incorporated into some of our other treatments.

Click here to view our FAQ's information
Click here to view our article on LaStone

Full Body La Stone Treatment 60 mins £60.00
October Price £50.00

Time Out Feel Good Special Offer

Receive a £10.00 discount on our luxury full body stone massage throughout October. "feel the tension fade away"

Please Note: The La Stone Treatment is exclusive to our Edenbridge salon!

Candle massageLUX Candle Massage

Deep tissue massage combined with the use of warm oil from Lux Candles made from natural Shea butter with aromatherapy essences, drizzled over the skin at a consistent 38 degree temperature. A truly memorable  experience.

60 minutes £50.00
October Price £40.00

Time Out Feel Good Special Offer

Receive a £10.00 discount on our amazing full body candle massage throughout October. "feel your tension melt away"

Please Note: LUX Treatments are not available at our West Wickham salon!