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Friday, 05 November 2010 20:03

Get social with Twitter 'n Facebook

followme_left_turnA number of clients have been asking us when we are going to join the social scene on the Internet. Well we have finally gone and done it! We have shiny new profiles on both Twitter and Facebook.

We have setup individual accounts with each service for Edenbridge and West Wickham, so you can choose which salon you become a fan of or follow. If you would like to follow the news from both salons you're welcome to join both salons social streams.

We have added new menu options under the main News option. You can access a page which combines feeds from both salons or select an individual salons social stream. This area of the site is under development and we have no idea at this stage how it will develop. It's all very exciting and with a bit of luck we will be delivering you juicy snippets regularly, once we get the hang of all this newfangled stuff.

If you rummage about in some areas of the site you will see our new twitter and facebook links at the bottom of some content. If you would like to share the article with your social network, you can simply click on the tweet or like buttons.

There are also some shiny new icons in the Call Reception box on the left of some pages. If you would like to join us on either of the social networks, you can click on the relevant icon to access our twitter and facebook home pages. We are looking forward to keeping up with all your activities and daily events - 'should be fun'.

If you feel the urge to join use right now here are some handy links to save you hunting them down else where...

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West Wickham
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