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Monday, 02 June 2014 13:12

We are extremely proud and excited to be able to host an evening with Kimberley Gridley


Kimberly will be available in the salon on:
Friday 13th June 7-9pm

FREE Tickets available at reception NOW

Kimberley will be sharing her knowledge on how our hormones work, how they influence how we feel, what can go wrong, and why we gain weight when they are out of balance.

Her lectures are always informative, you will go away with loads of new knowledge. She has a wealth of experience including homeopathy, nutritional therapy, natural herbs and tinctures and specific eating plans.

If you suffer from any of the following you will benefit from seeing Kimberley:

  • PMT
  • PCOS

Visit Kimberley's website for more details.

There will be special offers available on consultations and programmes with Kimberley and a Q&A session with her on the evening.

Kimberley will be running a clinic from the salon from July 2014 and we are thoroughly looking forward to having her.

Here are a few things her clients are saying about her...

On Menopause symptoms...

When I first visited Kimberley I was experiencing very typical menopausal symptoms; hot sweats, interrupted sleep and weight gain. Six months later I am feeling great. My energy levels have improved significantly and a re focus on food and diet have put an end to my afternoon 'slumps'. I am sleeping well and the combination of remedies, better diet and excercise and sound advice from Kimberley have transformed me. I have lost over a stone in weight and can actually say that I am enjoying this stage of my life.

Wendy , Surrey

HCG Diet  coaching...

'On paper the HCG diet sounds daunting and really rather impossible but with Kimberley's help, advice and support it was a breeze. I have tried all sorts of diets before but have always struggled to keep to them. With HCG the daily weight loss as well as the daily texts of encouragement from Kimberley kept me going. Having that level of support was a great help. You can still have a tasty appetising meal at lunch and dinner, no shakes/bars or pills to replace meals. Kimberley has lots of meal ideas and recipes you can try, a George Foreman grill will become your new best friend. In total I lost 16lbs which has made a massive difference to how I look and feel. Would highly recommend the diet and Kimberley to anyone'

HG Croydon

Stress and hormones...

"Kimberley has worked magic and I am delighted.  A big thank you to her".

AH London

And finally a little note from Anita our salon owner

As most of you know I am a busy lady and can get very stressed at times, when I first heard Kimberley talk I was amazed, she was describing me...I've got that! I get that! etc. and so it went on. Recognising how my hormones and stress levels are connected and learining how to manage this has already helped how I approach my day and ultimately my work. I have already seen improvements and now I want to share her with you as I know you will get the same level of inspration.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 13th - Anita x

Spaces are limited reserve your ticket on 01732 864635 NOW