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Monday, 04 January 2016 16:17

brackets_c-zoneHappy New Year, we love January in the salon as its time to get really excited about some great treatments for the year ahead. We will start introducing them slowly to you and this email contains the first two. Both from [comfort zone] , Body Strategist Cellulite Treatment - if you have started your new year intentions with a detox this course of treatments will compliment your healthy diet perfectly, never before have we been so excited about combating cellulite! Tranquillity Ritual - if you've promised yourself you will destress in 2016 then this 90 minute massage ritual will fit the bill perfectly.

In January we also love to start the year with an offer on our most popular anti ageing treatment CACI Microlift, we did this exact same offer last January and it was our best promotion ever! If you didn't take it up last year now is your chance. Also last month we gave you the opportunity to BUY 12 PAY FOR 10 you have until the end of January to select your favourite treatment for a year.

Enjoy all the lovely new opportunities coming your way in 2016, especially our new treatments.

Anita & The Team xx

Body Strategist Cellulite Treatment


Treatment Intention

An intensive course of 6 x 60 minute treatments using thermal water from Bagni Di Pisa with detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions plus a thermogenic action for improving microcirculation and stimulated lipolysis.


For all types of cellulite (see article below) and specifically resistant cellulite with local adiposity.

The course of 6 treatments should be taken over 3 weeks with 2 treatments per week ideally not on consecutive days. Best results will be achieved when combined with the home care regimen and a healthy lifestyle.
Please note: Home care products are included in the course price.


We cannot perform this treatment if you are pregnant or have a thyroid disorder. The skin in the area must not be broken or have fragile capillaries.


This incredible results driven treatment comes from Comfort Zone promoting a holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Every treatment is designed to balance mind and body therefore the treatment will start with a stress-busting 'welcome ritual'. We will then apply a leave on exfoliant to affected areas being treated, usually stomach, thighs, hips, buttocks and legs. Followed by the prescribed cellulite wrap which is then allowed to absorb. The product is then cleansed away and a prescribed oil, cream or gel applied. The treatment concludes with a glass of water or detoxifying herbal tea.

Home Care

The home care products are included when you purchase a course of 6 treatments and will include your 28 day supply of detox patches and your prescribed cream or gel. For best results the patches must be applied daily and the lotion applied once or twice a day.

Treatment Cost

A course of 6 x 60 minute Body Strategist Cellulite treatments £410.00
(includes 28 day detox patches and your prescribed cream or gel)

A single 60 minute Body Strategist Cellulite Treatment £75.00
(no home care included)

Upgrade your treatment for amazing additional lifting results for an extra £150.00

Add 6 x CACI ECM (electro cellulite massages) for only £150.00. These 20 minute treatments incorporate using the CACI microcurrent to lift the buttocks which also aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Combined with the body strategist cellulite treatment we would expect amazing results!

A course of 6 x 80 minute combined Body strategist and ECM treatments £560.00
(includes 28 day detox patches and your prescribed cream or gel)

A single 80 minute combined Body Strategist and ECM treatment £105.00
(no home care included)

Read more about Cellulite ~ Read more about CACI ECM

Click here to view full details on our service menu including video content.

Tranquillity Ritual


Treatment Intention

A unique sensorial and aromatic wellbeing ritual for the face and body aimed at favouring a complete relaxation and psycho-physical rebalancing. A feeling of timelessness is achieved by a touch that is embracing slow and deep.


  • Recommended for all skin types (female clients only)
  • Creates a profound sensation of wellbeing
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Improves circulation
  • Visibly oxygenates the skin leaving it luminous and nourished.


This incredible results driven treatment comes from Comfort Zone promoting a holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Every treatment is designed to balance mind and body therefore the treatment will start with a stress-busting 'welcome ritual' followed by a slow and deep embracing massage covering the back and front of the body and the face. Finishing with a glass of water or herbal tea before you step back into the real world.

Home Care


  • A destressing system for all skins, nourishing and protective.

Key ingredients include

  • AMARANTH OIL: An ancient Aztec remedy for nourishing & elasticizing the skin, which is extremely skin compatible.
  • ROSE OIL: Replenishes the skin and bestows silkiness.
  • TRIMOIST ™: An intensive hydration source of water, lipids and antioxidants.


The fragrance is harmoniously characterized by aromatic extracts and essential oils of rose, rosewood, cedar, orange and palmarosa for an amazing effect in relieving tension while bestowing the spirit with renewed wellbeing and a profound sense of relaxation.

Options Beauty salon stock the full range of Tranquillity face and body products for your continued enjoyment at home. Including a candle & room spray to create the perfect environment at home to relax.

Treatment Cost

90 minutes £75.00

Click here to view full detail on our service menu includes video


caci_face_treatmentIf you have been putting off getting your initial course of caci treatments this offer might just make you do it! The original and the best non-surgical face lift treatment. Improves muscle tone, lifts and refines facial features. Visible results without surgery, anaesthetic or downtime.

Treatment time 1 hour. An initial course of 10 treatments ideally 2-3 per week then continue with a maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks thereafter.

Course of ten initial treatments (payable on first treatment) £400.00



Click here to view our service menu for more details about CACI treatments.

Last chance

Options Treatment MenuBuy 12 pay for 10!

12 dermalogica skin care treatments £420

Our most popular classic facial- 1 a month for a year

12 Hydradermabrasion skin treatments £450

Keep your skin polished and glowing once a month for a year

12 Spray Tans £275

Never be pale again, this could be upgraded to 24 tans ( 1 every 2 weeks) £550!

12 sacred nature 1/2 day retreats £900

The ultimate escape. Come along to the salon once a month for a year and enjoy 3 hours of massage heaven

12 LaStone 30 mins back massage £300

Hot and cold massage bliss, once a month

12 Manicure and pedicures £520

Always look polished to perfection!

Terms and conditions:
All treatments must be paid for by 31st January 2016 and completed by Dec 31st 2016.
Any treatment missed or not cancelled within 24 hours will be deducted from your course.