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Classic_CACICACI Classic Face - The original and the best non-surgical face lift treatment. Improves muscle tone, lifts and refines facial features. Visible results without surgery, anaesthetic or downtime.

Course of ten initial treatments (payable on first treatment) £400.00

Maintenance treatment (4 to 6 weeks) £45.00

Super CACI Treatment - This is an intense one off treatment, great the day before a big night out or special occasion. Still gives great results but it's only temporary!

Super CACI treatment £60.00

Eye_reviveCACI Eye Revive - This 30 minute treatment works to open the eye area, combats dark circles, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and soothes tired and puffy eyes. The treatment uses serum filled Caci microcurrent eye rollers and a deep nourishing hydro-mask for intense results. Can be added to any other CACI face treatment to enhance results in the eye area.

                                  Course of 10 initial treatments (payable on 1st treatment)  £210.00

                                                                                    Maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks £25.00

Jowl_liftCACI Jowl Lift Treatment - This treatment has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline using a  quad probe applicator to double the lifting action of the CACI treatment thereby enhancing the results. This 20 minute treatment helps to improve the appearance of sagging jowls and targets the muscles around the jawline. Can be added to any other CACI face treatment to enhance results in the eye area.

                                             Course of 10 initial treatments (payable on 1st treatment) £210.00

                                                                                     Maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks £25.00


  • Slimming
  • Toning
  • Contouring
  • Cellulite treatment

Using the latest micro-current technology the CACI quantum machine can achieve amazing body contouring results in just a few sessions.

After a full consultation and body analysis a quantum trained therapist will devise a treatment programme customised to your specific needs.

ECMECM – Electro cellulite massager for Buttocks & Thighs

The ECM attachment combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the effectiveness of microcurrent therapy using 24 conductive rollers which are electrically charged.The rollers are designed to pivot to the body contours of each individual targeting specific problem areas. The stimulatory action of the Electro Cellulite Massager helps to break down fatty deposits, tone muscles and reduce inches.

Per Treatment £30.00

Course of 15 treatments (payable on 1sttreatment) £375.00
2-3 treatments recommended per week for optimum results.

Slimming_and_toningSlimming & Toning
using Faradic technology

Faradic technology provides a specific form of electrical stimulation that is designed to firm and tone body muscles.Electrically conductive pads are placed over specific muscle groups in the target area. As the current passes through the conductive pads it stimulates the motor points of the muscles triggering an involuntary muscle contraction. Each Faradic treatment session provides a form of passive muscle exercise a bit like having an intense work out but without even breaking a sweat. A typical 20 minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of doing 300 perfect sit ups!

Faradic technology will not cause weight loss but by toning and firming the body muscles, there should be a change in body contours and measurable inch loss.

Per Treatment £30.00

Course of 15 treatments (payable on 1st treatment) £375.00
2-3 treatments recommended per week for optimum results.

Lymph Drainage

This application helps to remove toxins from the body and improve blood circulation using microcurrent therapy, ideal once a week during ECM or SLIMMIMG & TONING to flush out toxins quickly or great as a one off treatment after illness to revitalise and energise the body.

Per Treatment £30.00

Course of 5 treatments (payable on 1st treatment) £125.00