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Monday, 16 May 2016 17:36

relaxedTreatment Intention

This exquisite massage takes our clients on a journey of 4 distinct worlds; the exotic oriental, the vibrant & warm Mediterranean, the colourful and philosophical Indian and the ancient Berber tribes of the Arabian desert, offering a complete sensorial experience.


  • Massage movements reignite the bodys natural energy and restores vitality
  • Increases lymph drainage
  • Drains meridians accelerating blood flow unblocking tight tendons
  • Releases stress & tension returning the body  to the perfect state of equilibrium and peace.


This beautiful massage is customised meaning you get to choose your oil blend for your treatment.

You can choose from:

ORIENTAL - mimosa, jasmine , vanilla and ylang ylang - soothing, anti stress, relaxing

MEDITERRANEAN - mandarin, lemon, bergamot, basil, elemi - energising, purifying, detoxing

INDIAN - cedar, nutmeg, cardamom  - stimulating and energizing

ARABIAN - amyris, lavender,cinnamon & ginger - warming and grounding

Experience has shown that you tend to choose the fragrance of the one you need the most!

After choosing your blend your journey of 4 elements your massage inspired by ancient traditions and rituals from India, Arabia, the Orient and the Mediterranean will begin, with a stress-busting 'welcome ritual' and finishes with a glass of water or herbal tea before you step back into the real world.

This incredible results driven treatment comes from Comfort Zone promoting a holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Every treatment is designed to balance mind, body and soul.


You are advised to drink plenty of plain water following your treatment.

We stock the following products for your continued benefit at home:

SHOWER GEL £15.00                                 
CANDLE £25.00

aromasoul productaromasoul productaromasoul product

Treatment Cost

60 Minutes £60.00