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Standard Massage

Professional salon and spa massage service

We use specific blended oils to energise or relax you depending on your mood and requirements. Massage helps relieve your tired, fatigued muscles while bringing about a balanced sense of wellbeing and calm. If you're suffering from tension or stress a massage will help relieve the daily pressure of a modern hectic lifestyle. Why not treat yourself today?

  • Full Body Massage £45.00
  • Back Massage £25.00
  • Neck and Shoulders £15.00

For a deeper tissue and balancing massage we recommend the following treatment...

LaStone Massage

La Stone experiance the luxury of this hot and cold stone massageAn ancient treatment for the 21st century the LaStone treatment involves the use of hot and cold stones combined with massage therapy.

Hot and cold stones, black and white, shaped marble and sleek basalt are the key ingredients of a body therapy called LaStone, Arizona-based Mary Hannigan modernised the age old art of hot and cold stones massage application less than a decade ago. The use of heated stones for healing is ancient, Hannigan modernized the process, integrating it into modern standard massage therapies.

Not to be confused with other hot stone massages this is the original and the best.

La Stone therapy combines the use of hot basalt and cold marble stones in therapy massage to bring about a deep sense of relaxation and leaving you in a calm meditative state.

This amazing therapeutic treatment is carried out by our 'Simply Stones' qualified therapists and is available on its own or incorporated into some of our other treatments.

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Click here to view our article on LaStone

For a truly wonderful experience try one of our...

Full La Stone Treatments:

  • Back massage 30 min £30.00
  • Full Body 60 min £60.00
  • Extended Full Body 90 min £100.00

New Life Pregnancy Massage

Pre Natal

There are many benefits to receiving a massage during pregnancy. All of the wonderful health enhancing massage aspects of the massage, benefits the unborn child as well as mother to be. Massage can also greatly reduce the added physical stress and fatigue associated with pregnancy, relieving the natural anxiety during this time, and help to prepare the mind and body for labour and childbirth.

New Life Maternity Massage

  • Reduces fatigue and increases energy by stimulating circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Assists with blood pressure control
  • Relieves muscular tension
  • Relieves anxiety and depression, frequently caused by hormonal changes
  • Promotes a healthier happier body image as physical changes occur
  • After the birth, massage will help new mum's regain strength and relieve post birth stress

We use sacred nature from comfort zone throughout this treatment as its organic ingredients ensure safe use with added benefits of firmer, elasticised and moisturised skin and reduced swelling of the feet and ankles. After your treatment you will be served a comfort zone herbal tea and given time to relax in our lounge area. All products used are available to purchase for continued benefits at home.

60 minutes £50.00

New Mum Tonifying & Firming treatment

Post Natal

After giving birth and settling into motherhood every new mum starts to think about their own health and body shape. To compliment this stage we are able to offer our New Mum treatment to help restore firmness to the tissues affected by pregnancy and while you take 60 mins out to relax your mind and body.

You will benefit from...

  • Noursished and elasticised skin
  • Improved skin texture
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks
  • Toned bust tissue

Comfort Zone products are used throughout this treatment for your skins benefit...after the treatment you will be served a comfort zone herbal tea and given time to relax in our lounge area.

60 minutes £60.00

Maternity Package:
Purchase New Life Pregnancy Massage & New Mum Tonifying & Firming treatment
and make a saving of £10 (10% Off)

Combining your favourite relaxation treatments from our great therapists with the wonderful energy healing techniques of the gifted Paula Adams.

PaulaPaula’s hands-on energy healing is directed towards removing pain and taking you…

  • From sadness and grief to healing and laughter
  • From anger to acceptance and peace
  • From low self-esteem to a full and vibrant life

Energy healing is based on the simplest of principles. Just as you use touch to relieve physical pain – you bang your elbow you rub it – the same is true of emotional pain.

With her powerful and loving hands-on healing techniques her clients can experience...

  • A lessening of pain
  • A sense of deep relief and wholeness
  • A new energy to address deep-rooted habits

Sacred Nature organic face & body + chakra balancing

This 3 hour face & body ritual combines a wonderfully relaxing, skin nourishing treatment with Paula's hand-on healing. Leaving you fully relaxed at a deeper level and a renewded sense of wellbeing.

Treatment cost £135.00

This amazing treatment is truly a unique experience.

Combining ancient massage therapy using hot and cold stones to bring a calm sense of relaxion and Paula's hands-on healing for a sense of deep relief and wholeness.

When ordinary massage on it's own leaves you wanting more these treatments offer two therapies skillfully combined for health and well being physically and emotionally.

La Stone 30 minute back massage + chakra balancing

Treatment cost £85.00

La Stone 60 minute full body massage + chakra balancing

Treatment cost £120.00

You can experience Paula's energy healing treatment on it's own if you prefer

Treatment cost £85.00

All appointments by arrangement to suit you, please contact reception to arrange yours.

Visit Paula's website here